You bought a house! You slapped that sold sign on the front and it was yours! Now what?

Here are some tips we have gathered to get you started on the move:

  • Do a before picture with the house empty then you will always be able to compare and remember the house before you made it your home
  • If you have the time, paint before you move in. If you aren’t sure where to start paint the closets before you put stuff in.
  • Change the garage code
  • Change the locks- you never know who has a copy
  • Don’t make any big purchases for your new house until it is yours and you can go in and measure- the last thing you want is a new big couch and it doesn’t fit in your living room.
  • Make a need and want list along with a timeline and budget- stick to budget with a new house could come unexpected costs.
  • Keep your receipts there could be tax incentives

Stay tuned for more new buyer tips!