When dealing with buyers we often hear their wants and dreams for their new home. Usually, these include a master suite, kitchen, space to entertain, etc. I love hearing their dreams because I know the house I am helping them buy is going to be so much more… it is going to become a home.

Often times we have to find properties that check most of their boxes and then find ways to get all the boxes on their wish list checked. Unless they are buying a lot to build their dream home usually finding everything on their wish list takes some creativity. While browsing around I stumbled across the laundry room pictured on this old house. There are so many things I love about this.

First, on wish lists comes a laundry room that is accessible for both two and/or four legged children. This cozy pet shower would work great to wash the mud off of anyone’s feet. Not to mention this will help keep the mud in the mud room versus all over the rest of your house.

The vertical design is a great use of space as well. Sometimes we need to be space conscious to get those boxes checked and this definitely helps with that. The layout makes it easy to fit in any sized room if a small addition, conversion, or renovation is required.

Third, I love the color choice. This looks like a more modern design but I think the color will help hide the daily chaos that usually occurs in a laundry room.

Lastly, although cute the dog bed area can easily have drawers or a cupboard added instead for more storage or to help with organization.

For all my home buyers out there looking to find a new property that checks off your wish list items please call The Clark Group so we can help you find your dream room.

*Image from This Old House taken by Ricky Rhodes*